A letter to Grandpa, in Heaven

Originally written in Cocoa Florida, April, 2012

A rainy day in a place where you spent so much of your life seems like a good day for reflection.

One of my deepest sorrows in life is not having gotten to know you longer—to have shared more of my life with you. All I really have are photos, videos, a few fleeting glimpses of memories and stories from family members who had the honor of experiencing your incredible influence. But this reflection is a happy one, because it is enough. It is enough that every time I am surrounded by the people who’s lives you’ve touched,  I know you are there. Your kindness and generosity, your witty sense of humor, your love, your morals and your family values—they are with me all the time. Every day, with my family at home, and this week with family that I see regretfully only once a year—you are always around.

I feel so grateful to be part of this family that you had such a strong hand in building.