That look of more than love

Ever had that look in your eye? Not the look of that dapper man staring straight into your soul, but the look of that girl on his left staring right into his heart. It's a look made not of love alone. It's the reflection of a bond strengthened by truths confessed, "I-love-you-even-thoughs", and the comfort... Continue Reading →

4 things moms of kids with food allergies need you to know

I wrote this post in honor of Food Allergy Awareness week (May 12-18, 2019), and it was featured on the TODAY Parents and the TODAY Show Facebook pages, generating over 2000 shares between the two platforms. I'm incredibly grateful to the TODAY Community for helping to spread awareness for this important topic.

A New Season

Something changes when you become a writer. Time slows. You begin to savor the tiniest experiences. You breathe in the details and your mind races for the perfect descriptions to relive them through written word. Simplicities become complexities, yet somehow, everything seems simpler. Spring is breaking, and it’s a perfect day for a run on the... Continue Reading →

When the Sun Came Out Again

She was born during a snow storm in the middle of December in upstate New York, where the winters are long and grey. Returning home with her from a week-long NICU stay was the start of one of the most trying times in my life. I was relieved to have her home. Relieved that she was... Continue Reading →

Welcome! My name is Vanessa. Thank you for visiting Saturday Morning Coffee. If you’re a creative soul, an overtired mom, someone who feels things deeply or overthinks pretty much everything, I hope you may find value in, or least relate to, some of the content you’ll find here.

Mondays Hurt

"You shouldn't live your life for the weekends", they say. But right now, I do. When I arrive at my office on Monday mornings, a giant void fills me and I'm already counting the hours to 4pm. It's not because I hate my job. It's not because my nights and weekends are filled with spontaneity... Continue Reading →

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