Mondays Hurt

"You shouldn't live your life for the weekends", they say. But right now, I do. When I arrive at my office on Monday mornings, a giant void fills me and I'm already counting the hours to 4pm. It's not because I hate my job. It's not because my nights and weekends are filled with spontaneity... Continue Reading →

Tiny Human

I’ve called you this before, but you aren’t, really. Tiny, yes. Human, no. I mean, literally and scientifically you are, I suppose. But I’m not sure I’m ready to label you with all that accompanies that word, not just yet. There's far too much baggage and negativity and responsibility attached to it. Humans possess many distinctively beautiful qualities, yes. But humans also sin. They lie and they hurt, ill-intentioned or not. They have insecurities. Faults. Scars. You have none of these.

“That” Mom

What kind of message does it send to her if I'm switching my attention from her, to an inanimate object? Whatever the reason, she doesn't know why I'm doing it, she just knows that whatever I'm doing is more important than her. Maybe this could be damaging in some way, or maybe she would grow up feeling like this is just normal behavior and would gladly accept it from me or anyone else she interacts with. Either way, I don't like any of those eventualities.

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