That look of more than love

Ever had that look in your eye? Not the look of that dapper man staring straight into your soul, but the look of that girl on his left staring right into his heart. It's a look made not of love alone. It's the reflection of a bond strengthened by truths confessed, "I-love-you-even-thoughs", and the comfort... Continue Reading →

Mondays Hurt

"You shouldn't live your life for the weekends", they say. But right now, I do. When I arrive at my office on Monday mornings, a giant void fills me and I'm already counting the hours to 4pm. It's not because I hate my job. It's not because my nights and weekends are filled with spontaneity... Continue Reading →

A letter to Grandpa, in Heaven

Originally written in Cocoa Florida, April, 2012 A rainy day in a place where you spent so much of your life seems like a good day for reflection. One of my deepest sorrows in life is not having gotten to know you longer—to have shared more of my life with you. All I really have... Continue Reading →

“That” Mom

So, my father posted this picture to Facebook while he, Stella and I, were out grabbing a bite to eat. I didn't see it until later, after I had gotten home and put her to bed, but it completely stopped me in my tracks. I was actually embarrassed that his friends and my other family... Continue Reading →

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