To The First-time Mama Wanting a Natural Birth

Dear first-time mama wanting a natural birth, You have your reasons. And just like you don’t judge other women for their chosen method of birth, you hope they don’t judge you, either. You wish for some understanding and you crave their support. Maybe you want to avoid drugs while your baby is still in your…

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If I Could Carve Her Path

“You’ll understand someday when you have kids”, said every parent, ever.

And we hate that they were right.

When I look back on pictures of myself as a teen, I don’t recognize me.

It has less to do with the white, shimmery eyeshadow and flared jeans, and more to do with everything that stage of life was — what it is for everyone. The dreaded, scary, awkward path to finding yourself.

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My dear hyper-sensitive daughter, I feel for what you’re in for

My dear baby girl, I see it starting. When I put your jacket on and your sleeve bunches up and you scream and shake your head. When I walk away from you for a brief moment and your bottom lip curls under and tears well up in your eyes. When the laughter of others around…

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But, I Don’t Dance Like you Dance

How was I the last to know? I must have been so engulfed in the sleepless nights of a two month old that I missed the memorial Facebook posts and mournful tributes to your life. There were thousands of miles and year’s worth of living between us, but after hearing of your passing almost a…

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