If I Could Carve Her Path

“You’ll understand someday when you have kids”, said every parent, ever.

And we hate that they were right.

When I look back on pictures of myself as a teen, I don’t recognize me.

It has less to do with the white, shimmery eyeshadow and flared jeans, and more to do with everything that stage of life was — what it is for everyone. The dreaded, scary, awkward path to finding yourself.

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The Backbone of the American Dream

If you’d asked me as a teenager, I’d have told you for sure I’d be getting out of here. That there’s no way at 33 years old I’d be living in my hometown where the biggest attraction is the Baseball Hall of Fame, 40 miles away. That I’d be raising a family not two minutes…

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Mondays Hurt

“You shouldn’t live your life for the weekends”, they say. But right now, I do. When I arrive at my office on Monday mornings, a giant void fills me and I’m already counting the hours to 4pm. It’s not because I hate my job. It’s not because my nights and weekends are filled with spontaneity…

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