What’s My Why?

My Purpose As a Writer


This page is here as a constant reminder to myself.

And also because I feel it’s important for anyone who chooses to put stock in anything I have to say, since most of time I’m just spewing my thoughts onto paper and rearranging them into some sensible order so they sound pretty or pithy.

But none of it is without meaning, I can assure you.

Here are the top 3 reasons I write, in order of increasing importance to me:

Reason #3

I’ve never been good with words

At least not speaking them.

For some reason still unknown to me, I struggle in conversation to effectively express my thoughts or true emotions. It’s almost as if I feel things so deeply or think things in such a jumbled, disorganized fashion that somewhere between my head and my mouth, something gets lost, and the words aren’t conveyed in the way I wanted.

Writing doesn’t come easy either, but taking the time to sit and really think about the best and most accurate way to describe something, in a way that is intricate and meaningful, turns it into an artistic challenge that I embrace.

Reason #2

Overthinking is exhausting

The words are constantly tumbling around in my head.

All. the. words. The things I want to say. Passions, afflictions and realizations that I want to capture and wrap up in a neat and tidy string of sentences. To close a chapter of chaotic, overthought thoughts that won’t sit still until they’re forced into submission; typed out on digital paper.

Once they’re written out—once I’ve captured all the tiny nuances and details—I can breathe. Most of the time, I’ve answered my own questions or have come to some sort of conclusion, and can set those words aside. Outside of myself and removed from my own mind, they’re there for me to revisit when I start hashing up those same old thoughts down the road.

It brings me peace.

Reason #1

The right words will connect and transform

I’ll never forget all the times someone else’s words significantly affected me.

Whether it was a piece of poetry that gave me butterflies, a nostalgic children’s book that brings back memories, or a personal essay from someone who clearly got what I was going through and made me feel like I wasn’t alone, words have so much power.

They can spark inspiration and evoke the most guttural emotions. They can make you feel like you’re living something you’ve never experienced. They can connect souls all over the world and help people find comfort and heal.

I cherish taking part in the magic of writing, and can only hope that my words may play even smallest part in touching someone’s life, just as other’s have touched mine.

This venture has taught me so much along the way. Hoping you stick with me as I keep typing away.