My name is Vanessa.

I’m an artist, designer, free-spirit, and an eclectic soul with a love for all things creative.

I hate mozzarella cheese and have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and dark chocolate. I live in upstate New York with my family (Superman husband Joe and hysterical toddler Stella) in a cozy, humble home that is practically never clean.

For all of my professional life I’ve channeled my love for art into a career in graphic design, working for a wide range of clients and organizations, but my passion for creating in other forms has always lingered.

Whether it’s digitally, a brush on canvas, or through written word, I’m fueled by my mission to accomplish 3 goals:

To encourage freedom of expression.
To solve problems and answer questions.
To connect, transform, and inspire.

This space is where my love for art, design, and writing collide to give life and voice to projects, thoughts, emotions and experiences.