My name is Vanessa. I am an artist, designer, free-spirit, and an eclectic soul with a love for all things creative.

I hate mozzarella cheese and have an unhealthy addiction to strong coffee and dark chocolate. I live in upstate New York with my family (Superman husband Joe and hysterical toddler Stella) in a cozy, humble home that is practically never clean.

I’ve grown to be passionate about real-life stories (reading them and telling them), especially the kind that connect, inspire, and transform.

Whatever your current M-O — overtired Mommy; business entrepreneur working crazy hours; drained college student trying to find your way; optimist, pessimist, couch potato, overachiever, perfectionist, procrastinator, someone who feels things deeply or overthinks pretty much everything, I hope that you may find something here that hits home for you.

And if you do, please comment to say hi and share your story.

Putting it Out There

You can find some of my writing out in the world at:

The lightning bolt / chipped mug logo

My daughter has a lightning bolt shaped birthmark right in the center of her forehead.

True story. It’s one of those faint reddish ones that gets really dark when she’s crying or too hot and it will probably fade as she gets older, but I really hope it doesn’t. It’s her, and perfection is boring anyways. Not to mention it’s beautifully symbolic of the fact that she came into our lives like a sh*t-storm and has been an amazingly exhausting, hilarious, energetic, hypersensitive stormy girl ever since.

So, much like a chip in the rim of your favorite coffee mug or treasured family china, it’s the little marks that add character and tell a story.