It’s so easy to get so caught up in the day to day grind that you become overwhelmed with frustrations and negativity, and forget about the simple pleasures and beauty in life. I have to say I have found myself in this place more and more often lately, and needed a place to recalibrate daily and focus on the positive and amazing aspects of life. This is how the idea for Saturday Morning Coffee was born.

My name is Vanessa. I am a proud wife of a wonderful man named Joe and a new mother to a beautiful baby girl named Stella; a full-time graphic designer and an eclectic soul with a passion for all things creative. I own far too many shoes and have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and dark chocolate. I fully enjoy spending time with my family and taking on creative projects whenever my time allows, whether its painting, graphic design projects, or finding budget friendly ways to update our family home. One of the biggest things I look forward to every week is a steaming cup of coffee on Saturday mornings with no where to rush off too. The perfect time to relax, reflect, and do or read something you enjoy. These days, for me, It’s usually more like sipping my cold coffee in between feeding, changing and playing with Stella, but still, it doesn’t get any better.

Whatever your current M.O.; stinky, overtired Mommy, business entrepreneur working crazy hours, or drained college student trying to find your passion and way in life; we all have our versions of Saturday morning coffee—things we look forward to that just plain feed our souls. Our solace amidst all the clutter that makes it all worth it. SMC is an opportunity to never forget the beautiful aspects of the every day. A platform to share, discuss and celebrate the simple things in life—acknowledging life’s challenges but bolstering the positive in every experience.

Logo: The chipped mug

Perfection is an illusion, and imperfection is beautiful. I looked down during one Saturday morning coffee and noticed a chip in my mug. How symbolic during this time of self-reflection? A subtle reminder that a small flaw cannot tarnish a beautiful occasion. This is the outlook with which I want to face every new day.